Xenical: Weight loss tablet fact or fiction?

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Xenical: Weight loss tablet fact or fiction?

What is Xenical?

Xenical is a drug promoted to treat obesity and overweight. It acts in your stomach by blocking your body from absorbing up to 30{3df14f39f73eba880a2ab0b6dbbb0e1c8a7cbf15bb5036d6a4fcd9b315194cfb} of the fat that you eat. This can help you lose weight. Xenical is not a magic bullet for obesity. We are also concerned about the availability of Xenical over-the-counter at pharmacies.

What is the working principle of Xenical?

During the first three months of taking Xenical, you will be set a weight loss goal. This goal is to lose 5{3df14f39f73eba880a2ab0b6dbbb0e1c8a7cbf15bb5036d6a4fcd9b315194cfb} of your body weight. You will be eligible for Xenical if you lose 5{3df14f39f73eba880a2ab0b6dbbb0e1c8a7cbf15bb5036d6a4fcd9b315194cfb} of your body weight. Xenical can be purchased from pharmacies for as long as two years.

Your current weight will be required to your pharmacist each time Xenical comes into your system. Xenical should be stopped if your weight increases in the next three months. Xenical cannot be provided if you have lost enough weight to bring your BMI below 28.

Some people don’t lose weight with Xenical. These people shouldn’t be discouraged. You can take a 6-month break and come back later. Or, you could see a doctor or a clinic for weight loss. Like many difficult things, losing weight requires perseverance and determination.

How to Take Xenical

One Xenical capsule taken by mouth, with liquid, at every main meal containing fat is the recommended dosage. Xenical should be taken up to three times daily when used in combination with a low-calorie diet. Your nutritionally balanced meal should not contain more than 30{3df14f39f73eba880a2ab0b6dbbb0e1c8a7cbf15bb5036d6a4fcd9b315194cfb} calories from fat each time you take Xenical.

Your daily intake of protein, fat, and carbohydrates should be evenly divided over three main meals. You can take Xenical with or without meals. You can skip Xenical if you have a missed meal or eat a healthy meal. Supplements exceeding 120 mg three times per day have not been proven to increase weight loss. A healthy eating plan should be followed, with no more than 30{3df14f39f73eba880a2ab0b6dbbb0e1c8a7cbf15bb5036d6a4fcd9b315194cfb} of calories coming from fat. This eating plan can help you lose weight and reduce any gastrointestinal side effects that you might experience when taking Xenical.

Xenical can interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in your body. You should take a multivitamin supplement once a day that includes vitamins A, D, and E, as well as beta carotene at least two hours before or after you, take Xenical.


Xenical has been thoroughly studied. Clinical trials showed that Xenical was twice as effective in reducing weight than diets alone.

Side Effects

Xenical is known to cause the following side effects:

  • Oily rectal discharge
  • Passing gas with an oily discharge
  • Urgent need to have bowel movements
  • Oily or fatty stool
  • Increased number of bowel movements
  • Being unable to control your bowel movements

Who shouldn’t take XENICAL

If you are:

  • are pregnant. All pregnant women should gain no more than a minimum of 10 percent, even if they are already obese or overweight.
  • always have problems absorbing food (chronic malabsorption)
  • have gallbladder problems (cholestasis)
  • allergic to orlistat and any other ingredients in XENICAL. For a complete listing of ingredients in XENICAL, see the end of this leaflet.


There are usually two types of prescription medication for weight loss. Some medications can suppress your appetite. Xenical, another type of weight-loss medication, works by blocking about one-third of the fat from the food you eat. Although there are many weight loss products available, only a few have been proven safe and effective.

Missed Dose

You should take the missed dose as soon as possible, unless it has been over 1-2 hours since you last ate. Skip the missed dose if you are unable to remember the dose. The medication will not work because most of the fat in your meal has already been absorbed. To catch up, do not double the dose.


Keep at room temperature, away from moisture and light. Avoid storing in the bathroom. Keep all medications away from children and pets.