Treating Phlegm Cough with Natural Materials Around You

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Treating Phlegm Cough with Natural Materials Around You

Natural Ways to Treat Phlegm Cough. A cough is a disease that originates from a virus. Usually, the cough is also accompanied by flu and is accompanied by phlegm. This disease will be very painful for you, besides because the chest hurts because there are many movements when coughing, it will also interfere with sleep if suddenly you have to wake up when you a cough. There are so many varieties and types of a cough and the causes or symptoms of what diseases are caused by a cough that you suffer. You can also find various cough medicines in the Canadian Pharmacy Online according to your needs.

Coughing is considered normal and is considered also because of attacks from viruses or bacteria that are normal, even considered to only attack no more than a few days. But you need to know that coughing can be a symptom of some dangerous disease. But before being too scared, you can try treating cough in a number of easy ways before consulting a doctor.

Treating cough with a natural course is good for you to apply, besides having to treat it with a doctor’s medicine, it must also be supported by several treatments. Here’s an easy way to treat a cough with phlegm naturally.

Ginger tea

Sliced ginger you should mix with tea. Ginger tea is very good for overcoming phlegm coughs and has been trusted by many people in Asian countries. Take it twice a day will help you to cope with a phlegmy cough.


Making concoctions with star fruit will be very useful. Star fruit is also proven to help relieve coughing.


Of course, lime will also be very helpful. The feeling of lime juice mixed with honey and boiled water. 1 tablespoon of lime juice and 3 spoons of pure honey and 5 tablespoons of boiled water for 30 minutes. The dose to drink this concoction is 1 teaspoon a day twice. Another traditional cough medicine made from lime juice is a mixture of lime and soy sauce. This herb is easier, lime juice is only mixed with soy sauce and taken twice a day as much as one teaspoon.

Honey and White Pepper

White pepper also has good properties. Combine white pepper on your honey tea so you can overcome a cough with phlegm as soon as possible. White pepper which has a hot sensation will stimulate phlegm to become liquid and reduce the coughing sensation due to mucus.


Besides being beautiful and charming, roses also save good properties. Roses are also efficacious to cure coughs. The recipe is to take fresh roses of about ten grams, then boil with enough water and add sugar to taste.

Drink plenty of warm water

Warm water will help to expel phlegm from the throat, so you can treat a cough with phlegm naturally by consuming warm water.